Hire a PHP Developerdevelopment Top 9 things to consider when hiring a php developer

Top 9 things to consider when hiring a php developer

When choosing to hire a Php developer, there are many considerations you must make before hiring the right one. Below are the top 9 things to consider when choosing a Php developer.

9. Knowledge of testing

Just because your site is quick doesn’t mean it’s healthy. In fact, there may be serious issues with how it’s optimized that could be leading to the over allocation of server resources, penetration vulnerabilities or a database that’s a ticking time bomb. A Php developer with a solid knowledge of testing can quickly diagnose and repair any and all of these issues, without even having to take down your site most of the time.

8. Availability

The demand for qualified IT professionals is higher than it’s ever been and it shows no signs of slowing down. Something to consider when you hire a Php developer is whether or no they’re going to be around to see your project through. To avoid the hassle of having to hire a new Php developer halfway through a project, make sure that candidates understand the job you want done; you could even come right out and ask them if they’re up to the task.

7. Adaptability

The tech industry moves fast, we all know that, but if you don’t keep up you’ll get left in the dust. When vetting potential Php developers for your company, it’s important to consider how adaptable they are to the changing landscape of software development. Ideal candidates will demonstrate the ability to be flexible and forward thinking while candidates that are too rigid in their thinking should be avoided. There’s no place for nostalgia in the software industry.

6. Communication Skills

Does your potential candidate seem like a person that is going to keep you in the loop? There’s nothing worse than turning over a huge project to a developer and have them stonewall you until the day of completion or, worse, they just leave you sitting while they move on to another project; it actually happens.

5. Personality

You’ll have to figure this next one out on your own, but the next consideration is personality. Basically, is this guy cool; does he look like someone I can trust? You don’t have to see a potential best friend in them, but they should seem like a person with which you can at least find common ground. I’m not trying to prejudice you, but if you can’t see trust when you look at this person on day one, things are going to get tense when deadlines are on the horizon. Forgetting to trust your gut about who you think will mesh well with can be a costly mistake.

4. Reliability

You’ll have to do a little leg work for this one, but are they reliable? Have they completed projects in the past and where their bosses happy with the results? Some Php developers will hang their hat on the fact that they’ve worked on a project a supper cool project like Facebook, but that doesn’t mean they know how to see a full size project through to the end. Unless you want your project to be another half-done resume item for them, make sure your developer is “in it to win it”.

3. Expertise

If you’re not familiar with the software development arena, there are these little things called frameworks. People say frameworks are there to help you, but they’re a pretty big thorn in every developers paw. Frameworks take MONTHS to learn and require massive amounts of time and attention, it’s is absolutely necessary that you’re developer knows the framework on which your site is built. “I can learn it” is a fine answer when interviewing at a Silicon Valley start-up, but you’re not them and you’re not looking to pay someone while they learn. It’s the same as a guy showing up at your front door and saying, “I’m here to fix the toilet. I don’t know what I’m doing, but I can read a book real quick.” Thanks, but no thanks.

2. Timeline vs Budget

Everyone immediately thinks about the budget when starting a project, but they kind of miss the boat on what’s really important. The most important thing to consider when hiring a Php developer is not just your budget, but whether the developer can get the work done within a certain amount of time. You see companies all the time that will focus on hourly wage when hiring a Php developer and not even bother to consider for how long the project will last. Yes, that Php developer may be very cheap, but you’ll be pulling out your hair when the project lasts three years because they don’t know what they’re doing. For that reason, too, it’s always best to pay a flat fee for a agreed upon service that falls within a predetermined amount of time.

1. Consider outsourcing

“Outsourcing? Who am I, Bill Gates?” Outsourcing doesn’t have to mean buying a factory full of people in Mumbai to make sweaters; there are very qualified and very talented Php development professionals all over the globe that are only a click away. In fact, Ukraine is one of the most popular places for US companies to outsource Php development. Next time you’re looking to hire a Php developer, check out some of the websites that are designed to connect freelancers with businesses, you may be surprised.

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