Hire a PHP Developerdevelopment Top 10 Reasons Why Hiring A Ukrainian PHP Developer is a Smart Move

Top 10 Reasons Why Hiring A Ukrainian PHP Developer is a Smart Move

If you’ve made the decision to hire a PHP developer for your next project you may suddenly be faced with all kinds of options you’ve never had to consider before. If you do a little bit of research, you’ll find a popular theme in the PHP development community nowadays and that is the large amount of work that is being given to Ukrainian PHP developers.

It’s such a hot topic that it’s important to know why this trend exists and how you can directly benefit from hiring a PHP developer from Ukraine. Below are the 10 most popular reasons that Ukrainian PHP developers are chosen.

10. Knowledge of Culture

Business culture varies widely around the globe; different countries do things differently. Hiring a Ukrainian PHP developer is the best way to instantly unlock the door to European and Asian business customs, traditions and faux pas.

9. Credibility as a Global Brand

Creating brand awareness is an important obstacle for any business. One welcomed side effect of hiring Ukrainian PHP developers is the brand awareness they bring with them to your project. Whether they work for an agency or they’re freelancers, having your name in someone’s portfolio a half a world away is a surefire way to get some attention.

8. Honesty

If there is one thing that keeps a tech company CEO up at night, it’s dreadful thought that someone is going to try to rip off your idea. By choosing to outsource to Ukraine, you are choosing to hire someone from a culture of honesty, but, more importantly, you are keeping your code out of the hands of the other software developers who routinely steal the ideas of tech companies.

7. Networking opportunity

Freelancers typically work with many clients all over the world and, as a business, having access to someone with a global network of past clients and friends can be an invaluable resource. Do you need an HTML5 expert all of the sudden? No matter, your new Ukrainian friend probably knows several who’d love to work with you.

6. Work while you sleep!

One of the biggest advantages about Ukrainian developers is that Ukraine is in a time zone that is 7 hours ahead of the US. Why is being on such a drastically different time schedule an advantage? Think about the power of being able to task someone with an assignment on your way home and have that assignment done by the time you get back in the morning. And there’s no special third-shift employee required because they’re just working normal business hours in Ukraine.

5. Job completion oriented/selfless

Ukrainian culture is deeply rooted in strong work ethic and pride; PHP developers from Ukraine take their jobs seriously and have pride in their work. Many of the common complaints that companies have when they hire software developers is that they write code robotically. Instead of taking the time to inspect your product, other developers only see code to mechanically repair and ship out. The pride that Ukrainian developers bring with them means that they look beyond the code on the screen. When you have an employee who takes ownership of your product, the sky is the limit.

4. Language

A large benefit from hiring a Ukrainian PHP developer is the linguistic knowledge that they bring to the table. Many Ukrainian PHP developers speak Russian or a variety of other Slavic languages natively, and then go on to learn other languages like English, German and Polish in school.

3. Silicon Valley, Move Over!

The numbers out of Europe over the past several years confirms it, Europe is the new tech industry powerhouse. Poised to overtake Silicon Valley, Europe’s explosive tech industry growth is nothing short of astonishing. With this newfound position as center of the tech world, Europe is seeing large amounts of money spent on both training and educating European developers. And which country is among those leading IT industry growth? You guessed it, Ukraine.

2. Educations standards

When compared to other popular labor destination countries, Ukraine is at the front of the class when it comes to education standards. An important metric when assessing a potential employee’s skill level, the high education standards of Ukraine give you the confidence to trust that your PHP job is in the right hands.

1. Price

There’s no question, the biggest factor when making a hiring decision is price. Beyond price though, a comparison between cost and value is the best way to understand the impact a potential developer will have on your project. The high education standards, increased tech industry growth and low wages of Ukraine mean that Ukrainian PHP developers offer the most value for the lowest cost.

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