PHP is extensively used in the development of dynamic websites. It is therefore crucial that the developer meets all the requirements of the clients. It is the PHP developer’s responsibility to make the web page user-friendly. A PHP developer who is able to incorporate all the unique   features and improve its appeal pulls the largest audience. It is therefore crucial that the developer possesses an array of qualities which will be discussed here.


Experience in PHP website development is of utmost importance. An experienced developer will have knowledge of the latest technological trends, he will have a deeper understanding of the technical aspects of PHP and will be equipped with enough knowledge on how to best satisfy his clients. Apart from PHP web development, a good developer who has experience will be knowledgeable on other aspects such as Content Management systems, web application development, and programming in PHP which will help him in serving the different needs of the clients.

Technical expertise

While PHP is a powerful programming language, it would be difficult to build an entire website using PHP alone. The interface in the presentations is designed using other languages like HTML and CSS. It is essential for a PHP developer to have a good grasp of those other languages as well. It puts him in a better position to correct any mistakes that may arise.

Industrial knowledge

This quality may have little to do with technical expertise, a good PHP developer should be well informed of the ongoing industry trends. This enables him to develop something that best satisfies the clients. By having industrial knowledge, the PHP developer can fine-tune his product to suit the demands of the clients.

Good time manager

Time management is an important quality for a PHP developer. While he may be able to develop a project according to the customer’s needs, if they cannot deliver it in time, it won’t achieve the desired results. He has to be a good time manager in order to achieve personal and organizational goals.

Good communicator

Because PHP developers deal with clients, it is important for them to be not only good listeners but also good communicators. They should be able to explain certain things to their clients in a clear and concise manner. They should be able to control their temperament while showing great passion for what they do. Some clients may not understand some of the things the developer does, but the developer should be able to justify some of his actions to the client without losing his cool.

Good knowledge of SEO

After the whole site development process is finished, the clients want their websites to be in the top if search engine results. For a PHP developer, knowledge of search engine optimization when developing is therefore important.  The developer should be aware of response time, loading time, server recourses usage, among others.

PHP is used more for server scripting because of its security as it cannot be detected by browsers. A combination good PHP knowledge and experience are all qualities that a good PHP developer should have.




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