Hire a PHP Developerdevelopment Extra skills that are basic to a PHP Developer

Extra skills that are basic to a PHP Developer

The world of PHP development has evolved over the last couple of years. It means competition has been taken a notch higher. With that in mind, an individual looking to make it as an independent developer has to possess some extra skills or risk becoming irrelevant. Here are some of the skills a PHP developer should have if they want to succeed.

JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

While it is a requirement that a developer is proficient in PHP coding, it is not enough these days. He has to be in a position to code websites properly using other languages like   HTML and CSS. There are high possibilities that the PHP developer will be required to rectify some mistakes done by designers and that cannot be possible without knowledge of other languages. Possessing this extra skill will ensure the PHP developer does not miss out on a job opportunity to other more well-versed developers.

Project Management

As an independent contractor, clients will demand that you deliver projects on time. Considering that you may be working on multiple projects simultaneously, it is important to have project management skills. You have to deliver all projects in time so as not to lose clients and also build a good reputation. Clients like to work with a good project manager who competently delivers and in time.


The importance of networking is that it helps you connect width other individuals in the same field which means you get more jobs and referrals. Using sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter can help a PHP developer link up with other developers as well as clients with which they have a previous working relationship. Ina fiercely competitive field, networking skills are a must have for a PHP developer.

Business Finance

Because the PHP developer is a sole proprietor, they are required to manage their own finances. While they are not necessarily required to learn how to do tricky things like learning how to do their own taxes, knowing how to manage their daily finances is important. This includes knowing which rates to charge according to the market rates and calculating the taxes they are required to pay.

Business Communication

Learning to communicate like a professional, both over the phone or when replying emails is of paramount importance to a PHP developer. It helps in retaining customers.  Basic business communication is quite a challenge to many PHP developers but in this era, working alone at home without learning how to communicate professionally may prove problematic.  It is advisable that a PHP developer consults a professional with the aim of developing and improve business communication skills.

Knowing What You Don’t Know

While it is important for a PHP developer to ensure they do as much as possible in website developing, it is equally important to know what you don’t know. This is something many PHP developers seem to overlook.  In a highly competitive market where getting entry level PHP jobs is hard, a PHP developer has to be able to read proposal requests as well as how to put in bids for jobs.  This will ensure they do not overcommit and end up damaging their reputation.


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