Developers from Eastern Europe have for some time been considered as the best specialists in the world. Therefore, Eastern Europe has become an increasingly attractive option for companies looking to outsource software development.

There are a number of reasons as to why the region has become attractive for outsourcing development tasks. Here are some;

1.     Expertise

Developers in the region swim really well in software tasks and are not easily intimidated by complex tasks. They are creative, diligent, and most importantly, professionally qualified. This is because technical education is very high in Eastern European countries compares to the rest of the world. This results to numerous top-notch developers and many new entries into the software development industry every year.

2.     Best Price/Quality Ratio

Eastern Europe offers more competitive software development outsourcing rates that most other regions and with a larger talent pool. On average, the hourly rates paid to developers in the region is about $25-$40. Though these may seem higher than in some countries, they are significantly lower than development outsourcing rates in Western Europe and North American regions. When you put the quality of output in consideration, you’ll only best the best price and quality ratio from Eastern Europe.

3.     Compatible Time Zone

Eastern European developers offer you a compatible time zone than most other regions would, especially if you are based in the US. The time zone there works very well in your favor, and you can even be waking up to a bunch of completed tasks! The time difference allows your developer to work while you sleep. Furthermore, there is a good time overlap that will allow you to communicate with your team and ensure everything runs on smoothly.

4.     Tech Community Development

Eastern European developers are usually up-to-speed with the latest technologies. This is because they are constant learners. Developers in that region make it their point to keep in touch with the latest developments in the world of development, so they can efficiently and effectively building great software. A number of major IT events are usually held in those countries and the developers there are therefore able to learn the field leader’s practice and meet colleagues.

5.     English Speaking Developers

As software development in these countries has gained momentum, so has English. Solid English skills are a must have for IT professionals in these countries, and almost all developers can speak and write English either at an intermediate or a higher level. You can therefore expect good oral and written English from developers in the region, and you can be fully understood by your developers.

6.     Solid Communication

Developers from Eastern European countries understand the importance of communication in keeping all projects aligned and facilitating success. You will get developers that are more willing to relate to you on a direct level, and get reports on progress.

7.     Strong Work Ethics

In general, workers in Eastern European countries uphold very high ethical standards. This should therefore give you confidence to a hire a developer from the region. IT workers there are open to challenges, get personally involved with projects they are working on, and are interested in facilitating their success. Additionally, they will never promise you something they can’t deliver!

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